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"Our company BizPlace approached SviluppoH for the implementation of a software that would manage cash flows, and in them I found tremendous technical preparation, patience in listening to customer needs, and last but not least, precise and punctual timelines" Federico Palmieri, CEO BizPlace
"I had the pleasure of working with SviluppoH on a project for my startup. They were incredibly professional, resourceful, and concrete in their approach. They helped us create meaningful connections by leveraging their broad network of relations across the industry. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner" Pierpaolo Padula, Co-Founder Luve
"We worked with SviluppoH to implement a digital platform. We found great expertise, availability and versatility in adapting to our business context. They are certainly among the most interesting realities in the digital landscape in Italy today" Stefano Ricci, Head of Digital Minerva Pictures

What is SviluppoH?

SviluppoH is an innovative software development and business consulting company operating in the digital world. SviluppoH walks your start up in all the phases of your project, from planning to execution

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