Carte Scoperte

The goal of the Carte Scoperte project is to create a mobile application that incentivizes people to overcome their fear of sharing their experiences and ideas.
A platform that helps them to approach both a social reality of understanding and acceptance and to approach psychology, overcoming the fears and preconceptions associated with this

The platform presents itself as a horizontal, highly innovative social network, where the purpose is not simply to publish content to reach the largest audience, but where the
game of introspection leads to increased personal and social awareness. The purpose for use then becomes not just to have more followers but to really get to know others and
The card game (Discovery Cards) is the key element, the driver that will act as a facilitator to enable both interactions between individuals and between them and experts (psychologists) who will offer their support within the platform.

Our Contribute Sviluppoh supported the Carte Scoperte team in the design and implementation of the application. From the development of an MVP to the subsequent updates and integrations that brought the product to its current state. The application was built on the technology similar to the well-known Clubhouse application and social network
Technologies used:
  • Single Page Application Javascript
  • Web Service Rest API
  • WebRTC Live Streaming Service
  • Scalable cloud container-based infrastructure