Top Doctors Triage

Ippokrates, born from a major network of the best internetional doctors and advisors, is a telemedicine platform that allows every patient to receive a teleconsultation and be followed by the best specialist for his or her specific need.

The platform has exclusive agreements with the first home care reality in italy, with more than 50,000 patients, and with one of the main Italian medical hubs with about 450 physicians,, with which it is carrying out an initial pilot project.

Our Contribute Sviluppoh is the technology and strategic partner of Ippokrates. We developed the application in every aspect and supported the team in strategically defining the project and drafting the documents necessary to present it (business plan, investor deck and financial analysis). In addition, we guided the application in the search and investment of external investors that led the application to have a post-money valuation of about 20 Million Euros.
Technologies used:
  • Single Page Application Javascript
  • Web Service Rest API
  • WebRTC Live Streaming Service
  • Scalable cloud container-based infrastructure