Our History

SVILUPPOH is a company specialized in the development of software-based digital projects.

We make our debut in the startup world in 2014, when we design an innovative software for in-vehicle entertainment, which we later develop and sell to the FCA group.

That experience taught us a lot and made us realize what we wanted to become. Since then we have continued to develop our own ideas and projects through startups, succeeding in positioning them in the market and selling them to third parties.

In addition, that first experience was so rich in lessons that it opened our eyes to what could be useful for those who try for the first time to implement their own idea or project, but also what elements to consider when you want to grow a company that has already been established.

From this input comes the idea of structuring in SVILUPPOH a reality that can provide companies and startups with the tools they need to see their innovative projects realized: from software development to financial consulting to fundraising.