Music recognition application integrated with car infotainment system

Resound is the project that launched Sviluppoh on the market. Resound is a music recognition application integrated with the car’s infotainment system. Thanks to this application, the user will be able, with a simple push of a button, to recognize the song that is playing on the radio and play it back to listen to it again.

Our Contribute As a partner of Resound, we took care of the technical project in all its parts. From the creation of an initial hardware prototype to test the system, to the implementation of the application and integration with the infotainment system. The project was concluded with the purchase of the project from the FCA – Maserati group, for which we are a recognized supplier
Technologies used:
  • Native App Mobile IOS e ANDROID
  • Web Service Rest API
  • Scalable cloud container-based infrastructure