Youfood is the app that walks you towards food happiness

Youfood is the application that takes you on a simple and intuitive discovery of food happiness, through food recognition technology that allows you to compile a complete food diary providing information related to macronutrients and carbon footprint. In addition, you can purchase nutrition plans and conduct teleconsultations with nutritionists and medical nutrition specialists. Among the app’s exclusive content: mouthwatering recipes, menus from star chefs and celebrities.

The app is an exclusive partner of Pedevilla, Italy’s leading corporate catering company.


Our Contribute Sviluppoh is the technology and strategic partner of Youfood. We developed the application in every aspect and supported the team in strategically defining the project and drafting the documents necessary to present it (business plan, investor deck and financial analysis). In addition, we guided the application in the search of external investors that led the application to have a post-money valuation of about 10 Million Euros.
Technologies used:
  • Native App Mobile IOS e ANDROID
  • Web Service Rest API
  • FoodRecognition Service
  • Service Scalable cloud-based container infrastructure